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Child Mental Health and Resiliency During the COVID 19 Crisis

As October begins, students, schools, and families are navigating their way through the challenges of maintaining education during the COVID crisis. For families it’s critical to recognize that this crisis can have a lasting impact on a child’s behavior as well as on their mental health and emotional wellness. When faced with worries and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to help children build and maintain the tools to handle stressors and recover from challenges – this is Resiliency: the ability to ‘bounce back’ from negative impacts or difficult change.

In order to help your student make the most of their time in the virtual classroom, consider focusing on incorporating the following items into your daily routine:

Keep a Routine

One surefire way to deal with the stresses of uncertainty is to avoid or minimize disruptions to your student’s routine. The structure of a daily routine can help children in maintaining positive behavior and adequately regulate emotion. Parents should consider the use of loose schedules that allow for some flexibility and choice while maintaining defined events like sleep and wake schedules. Create that needed structure but keep expectations manageable and achievable.

When in Doubt, Get Out

There’s enough time in your child’s day for work and play. When safely possible, get outside for exercise, sunlight, and fresh air. Bright light boosts both mood and concentration. Research also suggests that light has a crucial impact on the brain by fostering the formation of new synapses that enhance a child’s ability to learn.

Know When to Wind Down

It can be tough as a parent trying to ensure work and wellness maintain an even balance. Consider that consistent criticism can create a more stressful environment for everyone. Find time to play a game or just sit and talk with your child. Listening, providing reassurance, and showing support are great ways to build and maintain stronger connections with your child.

With the right support and engagement, you can provide your child with a solid foundation for meeting the mental health challenges of any significant crisis.

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