The KTG SAFE Schools team selectively utilizes technological solutions that allow us to address an even broader range of the challenges faced by the education sector.

The technology the KTG SAFE Schools team employs is carefully selected for its function and cost-effectiveness. The following overviews are provided for general informational purposes. Please contact us for further details or discuss how our products can be leveraged to help you keep your schools, staff, and students safer.

School Safety App

While prevention is not a new concept, a scalable, school-wide risk mitigation tool that is designed and built to drive prevention is. The KTG school safety application is a mobile two-way communications platform and risk mitigation tool that is designed to leverage students, teachers, and administrators across a school community to help mitigate risks to its people and assets. The KTG school safety application provides schools the ability to immediately communicate safety information while delivering peer-to-peer and self-service features to help the community stay safe.


Shot Detection Technology

KTG’s shot detection and active shooter countermeasure technology are automated, cost-effective solutions that rapidly notify administrators and first-responders of potential active shooter events in schools and on school campuses. These automatic and autonomous products can be integrated with existing security systems to protect lives, dramatically reduce law enforcement incident response time, and reduce incident consequences. The result of incorporating these products is simple: an increase in student and first-responder survivability.


KTG’s ResponderVIEW technology equips emergency response planners and first responders with situational awareness in an emergency. The system generate a three-dimensional model of the facility and can be used to guide emergency responders to critical areas of a school, such as locations of violent actors, hazardous materials, water and gas shut-off, fire suppression equipment, electrical panels, and HVAC. Additionally, it provides renewable on-demand facility knowledge which is securely accessible on devices that are connected to the internet. When employed, the ResponderVIEW technology has the potential to dramatically improve how emergency responders and planners prepare for and respond to emergencies.