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SAFE Bites Podcast – Identifying and Addressing Child Stress During Crisis

Since January of 2020, Americans have been navigating a new normal of life thanks to the COVID-19 crisis.  We have had to find new ways to work and new ways to cope with the stresses of a life that has been upturned during restrictions and/or lockdowns.  What we do not want to forget is that this has impacted all our family members, placing children in a position to have to cope with this crisis as well.

We discuss the critical support children need during this crisis with Rachel Hasper.  Rachel is a licensed professional counselor and a board certified tele-mental health provider.  Rachel has been providing therapy from her practice since 2005.  Check out the link below to the KTG SAFE Schools – SAFE Bites Podcast to hear our discussion on identifying and addressing child stress during crisis: